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Silaya Woodblood:OCBZ profile by Thy-Robocop Silaya Woodblood:OCBZ profile by Thy-Robocop
If you fave this for the image, please go and fave the original here: [link] made by the lovely :iconnana-51: . Go give her love!

You've already read about the mysterious Silaya I have mentioned in some of my, thanks to *nana-51, you can finally see her in the flesh! Not only that: you will be seeing her in my opponent's next OCBZ duels as well!

:bulletblue: Intro

The city of Ilardine, in the island of Virgilia, off the coast of Italy, is home to many things amongst it's citizens: magical girls, fairies, changelings, vampires, gynoids and the like. The reason for the appearance of such a vast supernatural population, though, is something that scares those that are in the know: that the island was created as a home and a permanent battlefield to some of the most dangerous Great Old Ones this universe has seen, fighting for the control and assimilation of Earth, with the evil Zathurian, Lord of the Dreams, overseeing their battles, while dreaded Cthulhu, the King in Yellow Hastur, Yog-Sothoth and other entities watch from afar, sometimes participating in the battles.

With mad cultists trying to take over the island and sacrificing its' population to their gods, evil fairies that kidnap people just for the fun of it, vampires controlling the mafia affairs of Cosa Nostra in the island, and the Guardians, the magical girls and boys who defend this island from evil, blind to these internal menaces, only three girls stand in between them and total disaster. They are the 'Emergenza Mummie' team, and this is their..."plant", healer, and camper, Silaya Woodblood.

:bulletblue: General

:bulletred: Name: Silaya Woodblood
:bulletred: Age: Unknown
:bulletred: Birthday: Unknown
:bulletred: Gender: For the sake of this bullet, female
:bulletred: Species: Changeling
:bulletred: Ethnicity or Breed: Tree-elf/dryad
:bulletred: Hair: Green (as leaves)
:bulletred: Eyes: Green
:bulletred: Height: 1.95m
:bulletred: Weight: 70 kg
:bulletred: Languages: Italian, though at traits very archaic and poetic, and the secret language the Changeling use
:bulletred: Sexuality: Platonic heterosexual.

:bulletblue: History

She was once the hair to one of the noble families of Ilardine, back when being noble was important. But she was kidnapped and brought to Arcadia, where she was changed to a dryad, and where she fell in love with her master. Then, Alyssa and Sophie, with her schemings, took her away from that world. Only then did she realize how bad her life was there.
Since then, she joined the Emergenza Mummie team, on a quest to rediscover her lost humanity and her love for her ex-boyfriend-now-vampire, while also helping her team fight the enemies of Ilardine.
She is now a freelance creative gardener, and has made friends amongst the motley of a fallen True Fae, which has lead her to face strange things coming from the Hedge, and the worlds beyond

:bulletblue: Personality

A shy, curious personality when interacting in a human society, who is easily gullible, and often follows the lead of stronger personalities, such as Alyssa's or Sophie's. When in her natural element, dancing to the sound of the Song (or to normal music), or with humans she trusts, she is more confident, rather talkative, and she can handle most things without any external help, totally opposite her other personality.

:bulletblue: Abilities

There's a lot to say about her powers, but her main fighting powers are plantbending, potion brewing, perfumes, and dreams, which she can infiltrate and where she can attack. She is capable of fighting acrobatically and with her stick.

:bulletblue: Roleplaying tips

-She dosn't cope well with unfamiliar situations, which is why she will often turn to those with strong personalities, such as Alyssa and Silaya. In her element, however, she is totally independent.
-She tries to not harm her opponents, instead incapacitate them or immobilize them with plants. She will apologize after, unless the opponent is a cruel enemy.
-She is a tree, but she can feel emotions such as love, hate, fear. She keeps love on a platonic level.
-She is curious about the human culture, and would often ask questions about in, often at the worst possible time. Favorite topics are sex, technology and why people lie.
-She usually talks as if she were reading an epic poem, lots of archaic words and musicality in them. She can manage to talk normally, but sometimes struggles to find the right words and not say too many, as to not bore her human friends.
-If she hears music, she will often start a bellydancer routine

Full profile: go check it! Really Useful Information in there!

Silaya and the Ilardine Setting: :iconthy-robocop: ME!

Silaya's picture made by the awesome artist that goes by the name of :iconnana-51:.

Thanks again for drawing her! As for you, my fellow watchers, go check out her gallery and her comics! You won't regret it!

Many thanks to :iconnovalyyn: for adding the OCBZ template as well!

Great Old Ones based on H.P. Lovecraft's shorts stories.
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DraconiaShelik Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2009  Student Digital Artist
E' molto molto carina mi piace! Solo che secondo i miei gusti risulta un po' troppo sfocata :O
Thy-Robocop Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Grazie! Sei già andata ad aggiungere alle fave l'immagine originale? (Il link è nella artist comments...)

Si, è un po' sfuocata, ma non posso farci molto, essendo il disegno non mio. E poi, mi piace così.
batlesbo Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I'm faving it =D haha, it's for the character, not the drawing (tsh, especially not for the drawing) xD

thanks for all the "thank you"s! :) it was a pleasure!
Thy-Robocop Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2009  Hobbyist Writer ninja'd me! Now I don't know how to reply... XD
batlesbo Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I'm just that good :'D
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